SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOLAre your stock and order processes costing you time and money?

Take our short online self-assessment to discover whether you’re successfully using technology to make your stocktaking and ordering tasks as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Take our self-assessment to see how you could optimise your stock and order processes and minimise waste

Managing and maintaining accurate stock levels is now more important than ever in order to maintain cash flow and make sure every penny counts. With ongoing changes in COVID restrictions, fluctuation in demand and the resulting operational challenges this poses, it’s essential to get your stock under control – ensuring you get the right ingredients and stock, from the right supplier, at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the right prices.

Our short online questionnaire will ask you about your current methods of working. By simply asking yes or no, you will quickly be able to identify your capabilities around key areas, including:


Whether you can identify and update allergens across your estate


Your ability to control orders on a per-site basis


If have full visibility over stock levels from head office

Start the assessment to get a personalised report of your strengths and weaknesses, and advice on how to operate with greater efficiency and accuracy.