The liveRES Savings Calculator

Considering a switch from your current booking system? Maybe you should be. Find out what your business could be saving with the liveRES Savings Calculator.

Maximising bookings and table activity has never been simpler.

And yet, many restaurateurs and pub owners are seeing nothing but diminishing returns on their investments. liveRES is the online booking system that’s on your side, helping you to minimise guesswork and maximise table occupancy on a fixed rate basis.

No more nasty end-of-month surprises. No more blown budgets. Find out what our system could save you using the liveRES Savings Calculator below.

Own the customer journey

liveRES works through a white-label interface, integrating seamlessly with your website and ensuring that your branding remains front and centre throughout the entire booking process.

Secure your data

Every customer interaction, from a romantic meal to a post-work pint, generates rich data to be stored by liveRES, allowing you to market to your customers on an individual basis.

Put your venue to work

It’s not just large pub and dining chains that are maximising their profits with liveRES. We’re committed to putting your tables to work, no matter what the size or nature of your business.

  • “Since using liveRES we have reduced our online booking costs by 35%! Having the ability to instantly upload our offers to our customers has set us apart from the competition”

    - Gusto Restaurants