Dylan’s increases profits and gains complete data ownership with switch to liveRES

Discover how switching to liveRES boosted Dylan’s bottom line and gave them the analytics needed to operate with greater efficiency.

Dylan’s enjoys control and visibility through liveRES and Aztec EPoS

With hefty commissions per booking and limited data insights, Dyan’s was operating with one hand tied behind their back. For an ambitious young company wanting to run their business with complete autonomy, it was an unacceptable situation. Download our case study to read how a switch to liveRES has allowed Dylan’s to enjoy predictable costs, better profits, and more targeted customer communications.

Download this case study to discover how:

  • By swapping commission per booking for a flat monthly fee, Dylan’s earn more with each reservation they receive
  • Greater operational efficiency is enabled through detailed, real-time reporting from all venues
  • Customer data can be easily converted into intelligent marketing campaigns that deliver more effective results

Download full case study


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