Butcher & Catch launches with confidence thanks to real-time, EPoS-integrated booking functionality

Discover how liveRES gives Butcher & Catch’s diners the ideal booking experience.

Butcher & Catch enjoys complete control over volume and flow of bookings

Butcher & Catch isn’t located on a busy road for restaurants, so its co-founders understood the importance of attracting diners looking for immediate availability on their night out. Showing customers real-time availability was key, as was using booking trends and analytics to create a more efficient and profitable restaurant.

Download our case study to read how choosing liveRES allowed Butcher & Catch to open its doors with complete confidence in their reservation system.

Download this case study to discover how:

  • Better visibility and EPoS integration means moving tables and juggling customers in-session is fast and simple
  • Greater control means they can accommodate more diners and so increase yield and profits

  • Workload is less stressful for kitchen and ops staff due to intelligent planning

Download the full case study


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